Professional Commercial And Residential Landscaping Services

Why professional landscaping services are necessary for your home or business

Many homeowners and business owners believe that landscaping is about beauty. But, landscaping goes beyond aesthetics. There are many benefits to landscaping both residentially and commercially. A professional drs landscape service can give home and business owners a stunning, functional, and long-lasting landscape.

Visual benefits

When looking at professionally designed landscapes, many people first notice the lushness of grass, the lines of the pathways and well-trimmed trees. The colorful flowerbeds as well the decorative accessories and water features are also prominent. A landscape with many flowerbeds can have wonderful smells, as well as beautiful colors. But the benefits of landscaping are more than what the human eyes can see.

Environmental benefits

Professionally designed and maintained landscaping is a great way to improve the environment. Landscaping firms work closely with property and business owners in order to create a landscape that suits their needs while also benefiting our environment. Landscaping has many environmental benefits.

Cleaner environment-Grass, flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants help trap dust and pollutants. Grass is a good source of oxygen, which is what all living creatures need in order to survive.
Cleaner air- Grasses and plants absorb carbon dioxide. They then turn it into oxygen or carbon, giving ample oxygen to property owners.
Cooling properties-Grass is less hot than hard, porous surfaces like asphalt and concrete. The cooling effect of grass lawns can make a property’s surface 20-30 degrees cooler that asphalt or bare earth. An interior temperature drop may also be experienced by properties with shade trees.
Reduced noise – Concrete and pavements can increase noise levels. Properties with landscaped lawns, trees or other plants, however, significantly reduce pollution and noise levels.
Water filtration – Landscaping made up of trees and grass helps absorb runoff that could be harmful. The water is filtered, which keeps the water supply clean.