The 3 Best Benefits of Church Apps

1. Push Notifications provide real-time communication between your congregation and the outside world

Push notifications are similar in concept to advanced church management system project. They can be used as a quick and efficient way to contact your congregation. Push notifications can be used to send reminders and updates instead of waiting for Sunday’s newsletter or writing it in bulletins. After you have launched your church app and presented it to your congregation, they will be able to download it and sign up to receive push notifications. Push notifications allow you to send out reminders of events, calendar reminders or invitations as well as reminders about bible studies, care groups, Sunday sermon topics, prayer alerts, changes in schedules and other information.

2. Tithes and donations should increase.

You don’t have to wait for Sunday to drop off an offering. Your congregation can now tithe from their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. You can combine your tithing and a notification by accepting a special offering to help a particular cause. Instantly notify your congregation that a family is in financial trouble and needs help. Anyone who gets the push notification may immediately visit the tithing/donations section to make a donation. It’s simple, quick, safe and very useful.

3. A more complete and powerful Bible study method

Do not limit your teaching to Sundays. To take your congregation on a Bible study journey, combine your blog and sermon audio/video with your Mobile App. You can also use your weekly/daily blog posts to encourage/teach/empower users if you’re teaching through Romans. When you operate in this way, it helps you to work towards your goal. You can combine your blog posts and teaching to have a strong impact. Your sermon series about the Book of Romans would have concluded. Users/readers would have been provided with consistent study material along with the sermon audio/video. This would give them an excellent understanding of your sermon topic. It’s like having a sermon that has a commentary. It’s much easier, faster, and more fun than having to do this manually on Sunday and then publishing your notes in a newsletter. It’s also accessible worldwide so anyone can make use of it.